Ask the right Caregiver questions

What do I need to know before I hire a caregiver?

In-Home care for older adults is a great way to allow them to stay in the familiar and comforting surroundings of their own homes while maintaining the quality of life through the support of a home caregiver.

Many prefer elderly care Santa Barbara as opposed to a nursing home due to that sense of independence and familiarity of the home they spent a lifetime building, but if they do need help, finding the right home care caregiver is crucial. This means carrying out a range of background checks, asking questions and more, to ensure that you have the right home care assistant for your aging loved one.

Ask the right questions in interview for hire a caregiver

Whether dealing with a home care agency or individual caregivers, you need to meet the person you are trusting to look after your relative in their own home. It is here you can ask questions to get an understanding of who they are and their suitability for the position, but that means asking the right questions.

Some of the frequently asked questions in an interview include the basics such as qualifications, experience and if they can manage the hours and schedule required, and so on. These may be facts you need to know to ensure they can actually take on the job, they don’t reveal much about the person. Try asking what their favorite and least favorite aspects of being a home caregiver are. This will give you a good insight into how they see the job and a little glimpse of their personality.

You can also ask about specific medical conditions and their experience of helping a patient with such problems to ensure they understand the medical needs of your loved one. The goal is to try and understand who the caregiver is, as well as what they can do.

Background Checks

If you are employing a home caregiver through home health agencies, they should have carried out background checks on all their employees, but it is important to ask them to confirm this regardless. For an individual, you should always carry out checks to ensure they are who they say they are. Complete Care at home assures that all its caregivers are background checked.

For both home care agencies and individual home caregivers, checking references and reviews is also crucial. Finding out what previous and current clients think can give insight into the reality of the home care service that you cannot find any other way. The in-home care providers have a requirement to check their new potential caregivers providing comfort for the family with a care need.

What do you think?

Through interviews, checks, and references, you are building up a picture of the service quality on offer, but there are other aspects you should consider too.

  • What do you think about the caregiver, what’s the feeling he/she gives you?
  • If you speak to home care agencies, what was it like?
  • Did you get the impression of a well-run business ready to take care of your aging loved one?

Sometimes your instincts matter, and here it really does.

If you speak to an agency and you feel that it is not the fit, no matter how good the references and so on are, will you ever feel relaxed about them caring for your relative? Sometimes things just are not a good fit, and if that is how you feel, look elsewhere.

What does your loved one think?

Something often overlooked when making these kinds of decisions is what does the loved one in question thinks. The home caregiver will be with them in their own home after all, so their opinion is more important than anything.

If you take steps to provide support to help them continue living at home, it’s because their comfort matters. If they are not comfortable with the home care assistant, then the entire reason for home health care is defeated. The biggest question to be answered remains what level of care your loved one needs? Do they need basic Companion care or a lot more care? What we advise is to keep your loved one at home as long as possible, and if your budget allows it hire a caregiver. Complete Care at home wants to come alongside you and your family and understand what the current caregiver Santa Barbara needs are.

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