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Custom in-home care helps seniors live independently

After a lifetime of creating the perfect place to relax and enjoy your twilight years, the last thing you really want to do is to leave it all behind for a nursing home. While everybody values independence, there comes a time where you may need a little help to ensure your day-to-day comfort and safety.  That’s where home health care can help, allowing you to continue living at home while providing the caregiving services you need. Caregiving jobs are opening up everywhere as seniors desire more and more to live as long as possible in the comfort of their own homes.

It is much better for older adults who can continue to enjoy their own space and a sense of independence with the support an in-home caregiver. In terms of quality of life and long-term care, home health care tailored to an individual’s needs gives the best balance of caregiving services and a sense of normality in daily life.

We connect our caregivers’ qualities and abilities to our clientele. Many available caregivers jobs in Santa Barbara open up as we take in new customers. We aim to create the best match between both parties and provide excellent RN support. The job description for a caregiver career can be found here.

Homecare Options

Everyone is unique, and any in-home care offering can be tailored to specific needs, but there are three distinct types of caregiving services for the home.

These three types are:

Non-medical personal care

which focuses on providing assistance with the daily tasks that can become challenging as we age. This includes cooking, cleaning, shopping and so on. The caregivers for this service are not medical professionals but are trained to provide the support services that you may need as a result of chronic illness, disability or age. Looking for a caregiver in Solvang, contact us now?!

Private duty nursing care

is designed to help an aging loved one cope with the medical needs of a chronic illness or disability, without losing their sense of independence and retaining the comforting surroundings of their own home. Trained medical professionals, in-home nurses provide a range of services including medication schedules, dealing with a catheter or colostomy, redressing wounds, or simple tasks such as helping with bathing and other daily tasks.

A nurse may also help train family caregivers inappropriate techniques to assist with needed tasks at times the nurse is not in attendance. This can combat rising costs without compromising the medical care that the aging loved one receives.

Home health care

is the final option, which provides a similar level of service to nursing care but is more focused on helping patients overcome short-term health issues such as an illness, or after suffering an injury. To facilitate this, home health care professionals include a wide variety of skillsets, with physicians, physical therapists, social workers, and more providing care depending on the specific situation.

Home health care is prescribed by a doctor and will be ordered to deal with a specific illness or injury. Unlike nursing care, which is to provide ongoing care for long-term problems, home health care seeks to help the patient overcome a short-term issue that impacts their ability to care for themselves.

There is an endpoint, overcoming the illness, healing the injury, etc. Home health care will bring in the medical professionals with the skills needed to assist the patient in achieving that specific goal.

Custom Care for every patient

With so many options, providing care in the comfort of their own homes is not only less stressful for an aged loved one, but offers a much broader scope in terms of types of care. With our custom in-home care service, patients can continue living at home, with skilled nursing and other medical support there when they need it. This is better for the patient and more comforting for family members too, always knowing their loved one has the best possible health care in the best possible environment for their happiness and safety.

Complete Care at Home services Santa Barbara County, Solvang, and surrounding Santa Ynez Valley, and Ventura County.


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