Holiday Senior Safety Tips

Keep the Family Merry and Bright with These Holiday Senior Safety Tips

The holiday season provides a unique opportunity to spend quality time with the older adults you love. And, it’s also an ideal time to ensure that the holidays are as safe as they are festive. Whether a senior is enjoying the season in her own home or yours, following these holiday senior safety tips will help make sure that everyone’s holiday is merry and bright.


Inside the home:

  • Use simple decorations, without adding clutter. Always be sure there is plenty of room to walk.
  • Remove extension cords from walking paths to prevent the risk of a fall.
  • Instead of lighting candles, use bright centerpieces of flowers or fruit, or choose battery-powered candles.


While bright holiday lights are lovely, keep these suggestions in mind when elderly loved ones are nearby:

  • Make sure that all areas of the home are sufficiently lit. Dim holiday lights can mask fall hazards and make it difficult to maneuver around furnishings in the home.
  • Place nightlights in the bathroom and bedroom the older adult will be using and make sure light switches are easy to access.


With the addition of holiday decorations, the chance for falls is elevated, so be sure to:

  • Ensure the floors and outside walkways are clear and clutter-free.
  • Arrange furniture so it’s easy to move around it.
  • Secure non-slip pads under rugs – or ideally, remove rugs altogether.
  • Keep pets from roughhousing while the senior is moving about the home.
  • Designate a special out-of-the-way room for children to play with their new toys while the senior is visiting.

It’s vitally important to pay attention to the care needs of older adults during the holiday season to ensure their home, or visits to yours, are safe and enjoyable. For more information on recommended home modifications to help make holidays safer for older adults, or to learn more about our professional home care services, contact Complete Care at Home, the top-rated Santa Barbara elder care providers, by calling (805) 727-3445. See our full California service area here.

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