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COPD and Indoor Air Quality: How to Improve Your Home

Loved ones providing COPD care for an older loved one know that outdoor air pollution can make symptoms worse. But, did you realize that COPD and poor indoor air quality also are a bad combination and may intensify COPD symptoms? Cleaning the air inside the senior’s home can help those with COPD – and other family members in the home – breathe more easily.

The Montecito home care providers at Complete Care at Home recommend these further COPD care techniques:

  • Forbid Indoor Smoking. Never smoke or permit others to smoke in the home of a senior with COPD. If the home contains a fireplace or woodstove, know that it may also be a source of aggravation for the person with COPD.
  • Stay Away from Exposure to Chemicals. Chemicals in the senior’s home, such as cleaning products and paint, can stimulate COPD symptoms, so minimize the use of them, and make sure to keep lids on cleaning products when not in use. It is also a good idea to explore more healthy cleaning options, such as vinegar and baking soda.
  • Decrease Dust. Launder bed linens every week, clear away clutter, and make sure pets stay off furniture to reduce the amount of dust and dander.
  • Clean the Air in the Home. Make use of an air filtration product with a HEPA air filter. While air pollution is not as much a problem in rural areas as it is in the city, someone with COPD can still benefit from filtered air to reduce irritants and toxins.
  • Keep Floors Clean. Ensuring that floors are swept and clean minimizes allergen buildup. Take into account that wooden floors are easier to maintain in an allergen-free condition than rugs and carpeting.
  • Utilize a Humidifier. Dry air tends to make COPD challenges even worse, as can air that is too moist. Strive for a level of approximately 40% humidity inside the home for an individual with COPD.

Seniors can breathe easier with the assistance of Complete Care at Home. We can share COPD and indoor air quality management help such as:

  • Educational information about COPD care and management
  • Exercise techniques to relieve symptoms
  • Nutrition and dietary suggestions
  • Skills to better manage symptoms
  • And a wide range of home care services

Our fully trained and experienced home care team will first provide an in-home evaluation to create a plan of care to address your loved one’s care needs. Complete Care at Home is always here to help with customized home care in Montecito and the surrounding areas. Contact us at your convenience at 805-727-3445 to learn more about the many ways our professional home care can help throughout our entire service area.

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