Are you looking for a great caregiver?

While you are looking for a caregiver you have most probably discovered the many different caregiving options available for your loved one. Maybe you are looking for a private caregiver for your mom, or maybe your dad really needs help with his meal prep. Mom might actually need some help bathing and has been having a harder time to get out of bed. But at the same time, your love one is not willing to give up his or her independence. Independence is extremely important for our beloved elderly and in-home care by a licensed caregiver is in our opinion the best option, if you of your beloved elderly parent want us to visit you at home for a complimentary in-house safety check, we would love for you to contact us. 

Complete Care at Home provides a great team of professional caregivers, not only are they vetted, licensed, they have the biggest heart and treat you with the best care and respect. We care for the people you love the most! We assure to match the caregiver and the older in-home care citizen.  Are you a caregiver yourself and are you looking for a caregiver job? We match our clients to our caregivers!

in home care

Where to find a caregiver?

  1. Firstly, consider if there is any family member able to take care of the family member in need of care – consider the financial and fiscal remunerations available in California and other States.
  2. Decide if you want to hire a private caregiver or an agency to safely care for your loved one
  3. Listen to the health care experts to understand what level of care is really needed for your loved one ~ Complete Care experts will always objectively advise 
  4. Search for agencies in your city or village. Visit their websites and send them an email
  5. You could use a website like to send out a request for help which will be send to a variety of agencies in your vicinity 

Why do we need a caregiver?

  1. The older the parents get the more prone they are to falling – your parents might need help with daily activities and or assistance with bathing and grooming. You don’t want to wait till your parent falls the first time, and breaks a bone.
  2. Your parents are becoming less and less mobile – a wheelchair might be an option in the near future.
  3. You have found stick-it’s all over the place – your parent could potentially suffer from dementia.
  4.  You believe your parent could use extra care, but you are not able to provide that care – long distance caregiving is extremely challenging.
  5. Take your time to discuss with your mom or dad or elderly family member and help them to understand that they need care