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Elder Care

When Providing Elder Care, Try These Ideas to Brighten the Day

An incredible number of individuals nationwide are finding themselves in a position of providing elder care for an older family member, and while being a family caregiver is very fulfilling in many ways, the everyday duties involved with senior care can become tedious for both the caregiver and the care

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Senior Exercise

7 Barriers to Senior Exercise and Tips to Overcome Them

Beginning a routine exercise schedule is daunting at any age. Physical exercise is tiring. We don’t want to expend the time. We’re feeling sore from yesterday’s workout. We’ve all made excuses such as these for avoiding physical fitness; but frailty and advanced age make it even more challenging to remain

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Senior Workouts

Senior Workouts for Any Ability Level

The many advantages of engaging in exercise do not decrease as we get older, and it’s tremendously important for aging adults to uphold as active a lifestyle as possible. Even seniors who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound have a full range of options for senior workouts that can strengthen and boost

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parkinson's disease - elderly care santa barbara

3 Incredible Benefits Linked Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

The results of maintaining some form of exercise regimen throughout aging are tremendous, but for people that have Parkinson’s disease, it could truly be a game-changer in the progression associated with the disease. Several studies are uncovering direct links between physical exercise and Parkinson’s, like the largest clinical study to date,

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Urinary Incontinence - home care ventura county

Debunking the Common Myths of Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is generally an upsetting topic for those who experience it. The preconception behind the affliction frequently contributes to individuals either lacking information or believing in some common misunderstandings about incontinence. Below are just a few incontinence myths and the facts to go with them:  Myth: Urinary incontinence is unavoidable as we grow

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