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Nothing means more than the trusted recommendation of someone who’s been in a situation similar to yours. We are always delighted when we receive glowing testimonials from families we’ve helped, and offer a sampling below for your review as you contemplate home or respite care in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

Medical Professional Review

"Caregivers and families greatly impacted by the burdens of dementing illness may benefit from the support and common-sense strategies provided by seasoned consultants such as Carolyn Aijian, RN, and her associates."
Robert D. Harbaugh, MD

Family and Client Reviews

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you did for my mom, as doctor, nurse, advisor and friends. I only wish we had gotten under your care sooner, but once you took over her care, she had a longer and better life.

I am so thankful Carolyn got involved when Mom was released from the hospital in October 2006. I would never have known Abundant Care existed, nor would I have had any idea of how to get her relocated so efficiently. Carolyn, I still don't know how you made it all happen.

When Mom moved into Abundant Care, she finally found the right living situation and I truly believe she had (over) a year more of life, and a quality life, thanks to you.

When the end was near you were there for her too, with exceptional end of life care. Each of her caregivers was wonderful (Katie and Grace being her special favorites) and to have you there Carolyn (and Timothy) in her last hours was a gift. Thank you for making her passing as free of pain and fear as possible. She was very peaceful at the end and not afraid. I so thank you for that gift.

I am finding peace knowing that my mom had the best care possible. I miss her terribly but am so glad she is no longer suffering. I am remembering her 88th birthday on January 19th and how delighted she was to have the ok for cake and a little salt. “Oh, it’s so delicious,” she said with a big smile.

Thank you so much for such excellent medical care and so much more."
"My sister and I would like to thank you for all you have done for our mom. Your care and expertise have truly made a difference, and we will be forever grateful for all of the professionalism and kindness you have shown her.

Thank you so much for all your help, guidance, friendship and professionalism! The light of Christ truly shines in you and through you! You have been a special blessing both to my mom and my family!"
"There is no way for me to express my gratitude for the care you provided for my grandmother. You cared for her as if she was your own. You cared from the heart and gave unconditionally. What a blessing you have been to our family. We love you and will not forget the exceptional care and love you gave."
"Though I would not want to relive these past two months, I look back in amazement at the sovereignty and providence of God as He led us on an incredible journey. Every time I drive past the convalescent home, I rejoice that Mum was released from there. You were a key player in her escape and we will be forever indebted for your willing and loving participation in God's plan to bring her home to die in such a peaceful and familiar environment with her family. Please accept this gift along with our love and appreciation."
"You played an invaluable role in our mom's last few weeks. Knowing what you were capable of (and that still amazes me!!) gave me the assurance I needed to take my mom home during that last week. It was a treasured experience, one that will be cherished with all the memories of Mom. Thanks for all that you did."
"You came along at a time when I really didn't know which way to turn and helped create stability. During Dad's dementia decline, you certainly went beyond what I could've dreamed of with that little car incident!"
"Your excellent services and care for my brother, Richard are very much realized and appreciated. Because of this, Richard was happy and well cared for in S.B. Hospital. Richard expressed his gratitude to you and the others many times. His memory lives on."

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