24 hour in home care

24-Hour in Home Care

Home care helps older adults retain their independence, allowing them to continue living at home while providing the support needed for safe daily living. For elder care, this can be as little as a few hours a day or 24 hour in-home care to help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, and other daily tasks, or it could be a trained nurse or other medical professional dealing with ongoing treatment.

With families tending to be dispersed around the country and requiring impractical long-distance travel to be family caregivers, the traditional approach of a family looking after each other is not so practical for many. With aging loved ones keen to stay in the homes they worked so hard to build, places that are full of memories and meaning, where they feel comfortable and secure, home health agencies are becoming an increasingly popular alternative, rather than send aging loved ones to a nursing home.

But what happens when a few hours a day of caregiving services is not enough? As our relative’s age, they need more help with everyday tasks, and often develop chronic illnesses that require ongoing, long-term care to maintain their quality of life. If they wish to continue living at home, the answer is to seek out home care agencies that can provide 24-hour care for older adults.

Personal care at home

24-hour home health care can cover every aspect of an aging loved one’s needs, all with the comfort of their own homes to maintain a sense of security and connection to memories and family. This approach can maintain the quality of life that is often lost within a nursing home, as the patient can maintain a level of independence impossible in such a facility, which can aid with overall wellness.

However, 24-hour care with a live-in caregiver is a different proposition for the older adult than having a skilled nurse or care aide visit once a day to help them. This involved home health aides who will be living in their home, and of course, this means care must be taken to select the right home care assistant from the right choice of home health agencies.

There are a number of specific things to look for when dealing with a 24-hour care offering, for instance, any caregiver should have appropriate background checks and be trained to provide the medical care needed. But they also need to be someone your aging loved one feels comfortable around too.

This scenario means seniors live with their carer, and that must be someone they can trust and get on with. If the relationship between home caregivers and older adults is poor, then the quality of life for both of them will suffer.

A complete caregiving solution

The person providing 24-hour caregiving services should be equipped with the skills needed to support the older adult with everything they may need. This can include daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking, but may also require them to provide medication reminders and a number of other services including assistance with dressing changes and other medical challenges.

Home care agencies can also help you if circumstances change, ensuring that the care offering always reflects the needs of each individual. Through this flexible, custom approach, the service provides what care is required, with all types of care available to help support the older adult through any range of health needs.

A 24-hour care service from an in-home care aide can seem like a daunting prospect, but with careful selection of the caregiver to ensure compatibility, your aging loved one can find confidence in having the help they need in the place they wish to be.

Complete Care at Home provides help there where you need it. Matching caregivers with your or your loved ones’ needs, limiting the changeovers providing solid and trustworthy care. We generally work 12-hour shifts when covering a 24-hour in-home care need. Our caregivers are not only on-site, they are supported by on-call and available local Registered Nurses in case needed.

24 hour in-home care cost

Depending on the hourly rate one needs to calculate the cost of care. You can hire a private caregiver without the security of a strong organization. Nevertheless, one should count the cost and the risks one takes. There are great caregivers out there who are very qualified, and we have a great deal of them. Hiring us means you are not only hiring one individual caregiver, but you are hiring a team of experts who will provide complete care to the fullest extend. We want you to contact us and let us know how we can cater to your care Santa Barbara needs.

Meet the leadership at Complete Care at Home.

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